All of the screen savers available for download from this Web site were written by myself and are for use with the various Microsoft Windows 32-Bit and 64-bit operating systems. Password protection is supported for all of the operating systems. All of the RAR or ZIP files contain a .DOC, .RTF, .TXT, or .WRI file describing the screen saver contained within the archive. All self-extracting files have a .DOC, .RTF or .TXT file installed in the same directory as the screen saver.

These screen savers are provided to the public as FREEWARE. Sorry, but no source code is provided. All E-Mail requests for source code will be ignored.

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There are currently 18 screen savers available.

[Oni Screen Saver v1.00] 3044KB Download
This is a screen saver which displays the characters from Oni. Please see the file ONI.TXT inside the ZIP file for more information. Oni is Copyrighted by Bungie Software, a Microsoft company.